Pet Dental Cleaning

What is included in a cleaning?

It is common for pet owners to only be able to judge medical services for their pets based off a price. Many owners do not know the correct questions to ask to be sure their pet is receiving the best care possible. We want to educate pet owners on what is involved when choosing to have us perform your pet's dental cleaning that way decisions do not have to be based on cost of services alone.

Dental Care Guidelines for Dogs and Cats

AAHA’s Dental Care Guidelines for Dogs and Cats, updated in 2013, are a working framework for small animal dentistry practice, including dental examinations, cleanings, and surgical procedures.

Proper dental care can detect dental disease that not only affects the mouth, but can also lead to more serious health problems such as heart, lung, and kidney disease. Good dental hygiene is just as important for pets as it is for humans. Yet, it is one of the most overlooked areas in pet health. Studies by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) reveal that nearly two-thirds of pet owners do not provide the dental care recommended by veterinarians.

Prescott Animal Hospital is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association, and was selected as Practice of the Year in 2014. Being accredited by AAHA, means that our hospital holds the highest standards of medical care for your pet, including dental care.

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